Who is she?

Me & my baby boy having fun while Mommy does dishes. Spring 2014

Hi! I’m a wife & mother of 3 and have been married to my best friend & partner-in-crime since 2004. We became parents in 2006 and now have 2 girls, & 1 boy as well as 2 furbabies -whom are (almost) as beloved to us as our kids- a Chihuahua & a Min Pin. I love being a Mom & homemaker and this website is all about how I make it work. My husband & I work together to make ends meet and live within our means but it hasn’t always gone smoothly. We’ve crashed & burned financially and came through wiser & stronger.

The decision to share my pearls of wisdom (don’t laugh) came after watching women I care about express the same feelings of  depression, loneliness and guilt that I too have experienced. I understand the guilt of not being a bread-winner and thinking you’re (or that others see you as) a financial burden and a drain. Spoiled and lazy even! I want to help other women discover their own worth and to confidently & proudly own the title of Homemaker because it IS a job and an important one at that.

Homemaking is a skill like any other and I hope to share some of the things I’ve learned and spread the Homemaker pride. When someone asks, “What does she DO all day???” Proudly hold your head up and say, “She’s a Homemaker!”


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