DIY Instant Oatmeal


If you’ve been searching for homemade instant oatmeal recipes, well… there’s a facepalm in your future. As it turns out making your own instant oatmeal packets is even simpler than we’ve anticipated and is in fact, a no-brainer.

There isn’t any recipe to follow or any special ingredients to purchase, unless you really want to go full-on Martha Stewart. Which would be totally fine. For the sake of simplicity, you only need to know that “quick cooking” oatmeal is the stuff to use. Go ahead and pick up a canister of quick oats and turn it around- that’s right, read the instructions.  Ta-da! There’s your “recipe” right there. No need to grind part of your oats into powder or add coffee creamer, just grab some small baggies, your salt shaker, and a measuring cup. For a creamier finished product, simply cook the oats with milk instead of water. Same procedure applies. Is it really this easy? Yup.


Now observe, the average instant oatmeal packet contains 1/3 cup of oats but the DIY serving is 1/2 cup. Nice, huh? You’re getting a better deal already. Personally though, my own savings wasn’t spectacular. I purchase store brand oatmeal that is already a discount over name brand and find that the comparison per serving price isn’t anything to write home about. On the left you see the DIY and there’s the store bought instant on the right. You get a little more for about a penny less. There are, however, a lot less ingredients in your DIY version.

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I measure out 1/2 C portions into snack size baggies and stuff the ready to use packets back into the canister the oats came in for easy storage. You could dress the canister up pretty and leave it on your kitchen counter like this one found at Oatmeal canisters are really handy!