Freezer Bags

Once, I went to freeze something and realized too late that we were out of baggies. Oh, no! What to do? Run to the store?? Nope. Staying on budget means I don’t run to the store every time I need something and being frugal often requires thinking outside the box. So I had to rethink the expensive freezer bags we were using. I put the food I wanted to freeze in the fridge while I brainstormed.

As I heated up some chicken nuggets for my toddler’s lunch that day, inspiration struck. I held a resealable freezer bag in my hand! And since we go through a bag a week, a supply could be built up relatively quickly. So now I save all of the resealable bags that frozen food comes in after washing, sanitizing, and then drying them on my handy bottle drying rack. Some other things that come in these resealable bags are  frozen fruit, meatballs, vegetables, etc. I wouldn’t use a bag that had contained uncooked meat though. What other items could you reuse? Happy freezing!



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