DIY Squeeze Jelly


Our kids are old enough to make their own PB&J though apparently not old enough to wipe up afterward. My kitchen counters used to get smeared with sticky globs of jam & jelly daily from the occasional toast or sandwich. I think it’s sweet and encourage their independence. I LOVE them being able to do things for themselves. However… I am all for making their journey to self sufficiency a little less messy and/or wasteful. So I shopped for the squeezy jams at the grocery store and was disappointed to find that I’d be paying more for my clean counters.

Epiphany! I have a food processor! I can puree my own jams and jellies and refill those expensive bottles! So that’s what I did. I wash and sanitized these bottles ( I have one for strawberry too) before each refill but you certainly don’t have to buy the expensive squeezies like I did. I thought of this after purchasing the jelly bottle, but YOU can just use one of those reusable condiment containers people take to BBQs and picnics. They probably work better since this jelly version tends to be slightly looser than the store bought and the smaller opening will slow the flow.

 Here’s what I used.

IMG_1284 - Copy


Puree, then pour.

IMG_1286 - Copy


The finished product! I’m not fussy about the old labels being attached, but if you want to pretty up that bottle use some Goof-Off. It stays in the fridge though so who will know if you don’t?





Squeeze Jelly

…there really isn’t a recipe to give you. But I have photos, see? Just buy (or make) some jam or jelly, puree it in your blender or food processor, funnel into a squeezy bottle and refrigerate. No need to add any other ingredients like oil or thickeners. Easy!



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