DIY Multipurpose Spray Cleaner



I started making my own cleaner to try and cut down on some of the harmful chemicals in our home. At first I used a recipe that included white vinegar but after a while gave that up because it didn’t clean very well. I needed something more heavy duty that would also sanitize. This recipe includes ammonia which has a relatively streak-free shine that makes it  good for glass and stainless steel surfaces as well. I use it in on all the surfaces in my home. The ingredients themselves are very inexpensive: Ammonia was $1 at my local Wal-Mart, I make the laundry soap so that was about 20¢ per gallon. The only other things you need are a spray bottle* and a funnel. If you want to make this in bulk to save time, also have a clean jug handy to use as your refill bottle.


Spray Cleaner

  • 2 C tap water
  • 1 T ammonia
  • 1 T liquid laundry detergent

Combine ingredients in a spray bottle and gently swirl to combine. Store tightly closed, away from children & pets.



*It can be dangerous to reuse old spray bottles if they originally contained any ingredients that may react with your homemade cleaner. I recommend purchasing a new spray bottle for this recipe. The one I have here cost about $1.50 at the grocery store.


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